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poiggers im cool

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ok boomers



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-You must be 12 Years or older

I am 13 years old.

-We would prefer staff that have a microphone

I have a microphone

-We would prefer staff that can record

I can record with OBS.

-We require at least 5 hours of playtime

I played a lot of time.

-You can not have more than 5 punishments in the past 3 months

I had 2 warnings on the same day, but I was just fixing id0ted's grammar.

-You can not have applied in the past 2 weeks

This is my first time applying for Network.

-You must be somewhat familiar with the staffteam

They are all demoted and i know durpy

-You must be able to speak English

I speak Semi-Fluent English.

-Extra Information

I live in Israel holon, and I played Syphlex a lot of time, now I know I wasn't active a lot, so I'm trying to spend more time on the server but the thing is the chat is never active.

Thank you for your time.

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yo can i have web dev real quick bcz i developed http://www.syphlex.tk and its not gay so pls dephanox gieve it to me

4 months ago

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