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You must be 12 Years or older

I'm 15 years old. Birthday is july 11th 2005.

We would prefer staff that have a microphone

I do have a working microphone and i can chat in the discord. 

We would prefer staff that can record

I use OBS with 60fps and high quality in order to record.

We require at least 5 hours of playtime

I can easily contribute 5 hours of playtime when it comes to being staff on a server and have demonstrated this before in my early stages of trainee and moderator last year on syphlex.

You can not have more than 5 punishments in the past 3 months

The server has reset and i have no punishment history, only a demotion from admin which was a year ago. recieved playful bans or mutes from durpy or other staff members if anything. I was blacklisted for a while after my demotion but that was resovled shortly after.

You can not have applied in the past 2 weeks

Haven't applied yet.

You have to have joined at least 2 weeks before applying

Ive been a part of syphlex's discord for almost a year and part of the server since 2019. I quit for a 7 month period after demotion and im returning now for a new clean plate.

You must be somewhat familiar with the staffteam

I already know most of the staff members that are staff right now including scisr and Id0ted. Id0ted was Trainee when I was Admin on Syphlex.
You must be able to speak English

Yes i speak english :D



I wanted to include that I can also develop websites.  I'll put in better efforts than i did the first time i was accepted and adapt to the newer Syphlex. My #1 priority is not losing motivation like i did last year, and sticking with the community until success.

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